Tooth Colored Fillings

Natural Tooth Colored Fillings

Natural tooth colored fillings, also known as composite fillings, are an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. When preparing the tooth for a composite filling only the decay needs to be removed and not any healthy tooth structure. The composite filling is bonded to the tooth surface restoring its natural strength. Some patients have noticed that their teeth are less sensitive to hot and cold when composite fillings are placed as opposed to amalgam fillings.

Natural tooth colored fillings are used as an alternative to traditional metal amalgam fillings. Because composite fillings are bonded to a tooth only the diseased part of the tooth needs to be removed allowing the tooth to maintain much of its strength and integrity. Metal fillings are placed after removing large parts of the healthy tooth. Over time, a crown may be needed because the tooth is weaker and subsequently cracks. With natural tooth colored fillings you will have a beautiful, strong smile.


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